Friday, June 12, 2015

Sailing Vacation Sunrise

The majority of the charterers on Now and Zen experience the sunset, but those lucky ones that book a sailing vacation get to wake up to beautiful sunrises on the water. There is nothing like a quiet morning - only with the birds singing - watching the sunrise making a beautiful painting in the clouds across the the sky which is reflected in the water. Each and everytime it is a time of gratitude for this awesomeness - that it is actually happening and that we have the opportunity to be there. When you come aboard Now and Zen Sailing Charters for a sailing vacation you will be
making many memories of a lifetime.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Sailing Vacation

Getting excited about a couple flying in to join Now and Zen Sailing Charters for their sailing vacation. It is so much fun spending several days sailing a few hours a day, stopping and swimming, cooking on the grill, watching the sunset, and ending the day enjoying the stars at night in a secluded spot. The hired crew of Now and Zen Sailing Charters customizes each sailing vacation to make sure it is exactly what the charterer has in mind. All come aboard with a grin and leave with a beaming smile - it makes a memory of a lifetime. Plan your sailing vacation now.